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Grantable Staff - Faculty of Arts

Sr. Name of the employee Designation Qualification Subject Status
1 Prin. Dr. Patil M.R. Principal M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. English Permanent
2 Shri. Undare A.B. Head & Asso. Professor M.A., M.Phil. English Permanent
3 Dr. Masal N.B. Asst. Professor M.A.,M.Phil.Ph.D. English Permanent
4 Shri. Tibile R.D. Asso. Professor M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. English Permanent
5 Dr. Patil D.M. Head & Asst. Professor M.A.,SET, M.Phil. Ph.D. Marathi Permanent
6 Shri. Shelake N.K. Asst. Professor M.A.B.Ed., SET,NET Marathi Permanent
7 Shri. Bhukele S.J. Head & Asso. Professor M.A , M.Phil. Hindi Permanent
8 Dr.Bidkar S.B. Asst. Professor M.A.M.Phil.,Ph.D.SET. Hindi Permanent
9 Shri. Birajdar P.R. Head & Asso. Professor M.A.,M.Phil. Political Science Permanent
10 Dr. Sangraj S.S. Asso. Professor M.A, SET, Ph.D Political Science Permanent
11 Shri.Waghamode B.B. Head & Asso. Professor M.A,M.Phil. Sociology Permanent
12 Smt.Arabole S.A. Asst. Professor M.A, M.Phil. Sociology Permanent
13 Shri. Kulkarni A.P. Head & Asso. Professor M.A. Psychology Permanent
14 Shri. Swami N.A. Head & Asso. Professor M.A , M.Phil Economics Permanent
15 Smt. Pore R.B. Asst. Professor M.A.,B.Ed.,M.Phil Economics Part Time.
16 Shri. Waghmare D.N. Asst. Professor M.A.M.Phil.,NET. Economics Permanent

Grantable Staff - Faculty of Commerce

Sr. Name of the employee Designation Qualification Subject Status
1 Dr. Pujari M.D. Asst. Professor M.Com.,M.Phil., Ph.D. Accountancy Permanent
2 Shri. Janavekar S.N. Asst. Professor M.Com.,SET, NET Costing Permanent

Grantable Staff - Faculty of Science

Sr. Name of the employee Designation Qualification Subject Status
1 Smt. Jadhav S.D. Head & Asso. Professor M.Sc.M.Phil. Chemistry Permanent
2 Dr. Masti S.A. Asst. Professor M.Sc.Ph.D. Physics Permanent
3 Dr. Sawant R.S. Asso. Professor M.Sc.B.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D. Botany Permanent
4 Shri. Godghate A.G. Asst. Professor M.Sc.,B.Ed., SET Chemistry Permanent
5 Shr.Patil K.N. Asst. Professor M.Sc.,NET Chemistry Permanent
6 Shri. Patil M.A. Asst. Professor M.Sc Statistics Permanent
7 Shri. Babar S.V. Asst. Professor M.Sc. SET Mathematics Permanent

Grantable Staff - Library

Sr. Name of the employee Designation Qualification Subject Status
1 Shri. Savekar R.S. Librarian M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Lib., SET, NET (Lib.Science), DSM, PGDEM Library Science Permanent