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In the year 1963, the men of visionary zeal's came together with common ideas and goals towards national and technological development. They were inspired by the progress taking place in rural and hilly areas. In fact the sources of inspiration were:

  • Lacking the educational facilities in rural and hilly areas.
  • Students must be prepared to face modern demands and challenges posed by the present society.
  • It would be better and very useful to provide a platform of education, not only for men but also for women.

Thus Vidya Prasarak Mandal was established on 20th August, 1963 at Gadhinglaj with late Dr. S. S. Ghali as a founder president. The board members of the college council of Vidya Prasarak Mandal were Late Shri. R. B. Kitturkar (Vice-Chairman), late Shri. V.S. Alurkar (Secretary), late Shri. S. S. Shaha (Director), late Shri. S.M. Khanna (Director), late Shri. S.G.Hidaduggi (Director), late Shri. S.D.Musale (Director). They worked under the guidance of Dr. S. S. Ghali. Soon after the formation and foundation of the Management they opened Jagruti high school, on 26th June, 1964. Immediately in June 1975 the institute opens Jagruti Junior college and a new S.D.High school at Mutnal in 1980. In the course of time the institute started Jagruti College of Arts & Commerce on 15th June 1984 in Gadhinglaj. With no pause, in the same year, they opened Primary school and Parvati High school Aurnal. After the death of Dr. S.S. Ghali, the Governing Council named it as Dr.Ghali College in the great memory of Dr. S. S. Ghali on 11th Nov.1987. Then Smt. Ratnamala Ghali came forward to shoulder the responsibilities of the institute and accordingly was elected as President of Vidya Prasarak Mandal, Gadhinglaj. The people deserve salute for their efficient and timely service rendered to this area and particularly to the college.