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The vision of our institute is "Vidye Vina na Jagruti" meaning without education there is no awareness in the society. The vision of our institute is to educate and create awareness among young generation.

  • To propagate higher education in rural and hilly area.
  • To give quality education to develop students overall personality.
  • To inculcate value system among the students through proper guidance.
  • To hinge global competencies among the students.
  • To promote the use of modern technologies like ICT.
  • To collaborate with alumni, stakeholders and parents for promotion and sustenance of higher education.
Aims and Objectives
  • To conduct various activities to raise awareness among the students regarding the social, political, economic and environmental realities of contemporary India.
  • To create scientific temper among the students.
  • To provide skill and need based education.
  • To propagate the higher education for women to produce social justice.
  • To provide career oriented and job based education and to train the students for global competitiveness.
  • To help needy and poor students to acquire higher education.