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Steering Committee

Sr.no Name Designation Criterion
1 Prin. Dr. Patil M.R. Chairman -----
2 Dr. Masti S. A. Co- Ordinator -----
3 Dr. Masal N. B. Member Curricular Aspects
4 Smt. Arbole S. A. Member Teaching & Learning
5 Shri. Patil K. N. Member Evaluation
6 Shri. Waghmare D. N. Member Research, innovations and Extension.
7 Dr. Sangharaj S. S. Member Infrastructure and Learning Resources
8 Shri. Janvekar S. N. Member Students Support and Progression
9 Shri. Savekar R. S. Member Governance, Leadership and Management
10 Shri. Vandkar M. S. Member Governance, Leadership and Management & Technical Assistant
11 Shri. Godghate A. G. Member Institutional Values and Best Practices.
12 Shri. Atigre V. S. Co- Opt Member Gymkhana
13 Shri. Patil R. D. Co- Opt Member Administration Working