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Dr. Shivanand Masti

I/c Principal

Let me tell you about the society. ‘Vidya Prasark Mandal, Gadhinglaj’ is one of the prestigious institutions in the region of Gadhinglaj in Kolhapur District Maharashtra. The Sanstha was founded in June 1963 by the great visionary and eminent social leader and Ex. MLA of Gadhinglaj Constituency, Late Dr. S. S. Ghali and his Associates. The Sanstha has developed wide education network in and around Gadhinglaj Tehsil. The Sanstha has memorable history when there were no doors for education to depressed and oppressed people who never touched the literacy, those living in the darkness of education; Dr. S. S. Ghali founded the education society for the people who were out of education, ignorance and unawareness of education value at the rural, hilly and remote areas of Gadhinglaj with the goal “Vidye Vina Na Jagruti” i.e. “There is no awareness without knowledge”. Just like the sun gives light to all, our society believes in spreading light of education to everyone. The Sanstha has extended no of sister institution like Primary school to research education and at urban region to rural for the excellence education and continuously sets the higher standards. To maintain quality of better education of institution, the existing Members of the Management Committee of the Sanstha – Smt. Ratnamala S. Ghali – President, Dr. Satish S. Ghali – Executive President, Shri. Aravind R. Kitturkar – Vice-President, Adv. Baburao G. Bhosaki – Secretary, Shri Gajendra C. Bandi (C.A.) – Joint Secretary, Adv. Vikas A. Patil – Member, Shri Sangappa M. Daddi – Member, Dr. Shivkumar M. Kolhapure – Member, Shri Kishor R. Hanji – Member, Shri Mahesh S. Ghali – Member, and Shri Rajendra Kanguri – Member – are guiding and promoting with total commitment towards achievement of Sanstha ’s vision, mission and goals. The members of Management are highly qualified and touched with Institution. All the Members are from various professional fields like doctor, engineer, advocate, agriculture and merchants devoting for institution for the development of the college.

Now let me tell you about the college. Dr. Ghali College, Gadhinglaj was established in June 1984 as the previous name was Jagruti College of Arts and Commerce, Gadhinglaj. It was started with the view to impart higher education to the students belonging to educationally, economically and socially weaker section as well as depressed and oppressed classes in rural, hilly and remote region of Gadhinglaj Taluka. After the sad demise of founder President, Dr. S. S. Ghali, the Sanstha renamed as Dr. Ghali College, Gadhinglaj to memories with great respect. The Sanstha also started Science programme in 1994, B.B.A. programme in 2007. The college has maintained the standard of education in conventional as well as modern advanced programmes. The college has multi programmes with Post Graduate and Research centre. Today the college offers many new programmes and courses. The college started as an Arts and Commerce in 1984, initially focus was on traditional courses like languages and social sciences in Arts and Management and Accountancy in Commerce. Recent addition is Psychology in Arts. The science programme was introduced in 1994 only Chemistry, then the college introduced Microbiology, Computer Science, and recent addition is Mathematics. Post graduate programmes are introduced like, M. A. in Economics and Sociology, English and Hindi, recent addition is P.G. Commerce course in Accountancy. The college also introduced career oriented courses like Journalism, English Communication, Fashion Design. B.B.A. is the landmark in the college. The objectives of college are not to produce graduates but to develop such skills in them to face challenges of life that rural in location but global in its performance.

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