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The College has a modern Language Laboratory with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment to aid in imparting language skills. The Laboratory is effectively utilized by students and faculty members for various self-enhancement and soft skill development activities. Laboratory proves beneficial for those students who are poor in use of English language. Students from rural areas who are generally weak in English can have sufficient ear training in the language lab.

It aims at confidence-building among students for interactions and presentations in English. The basic purpose of the lab is to provide students a platform to enhance English language skills, communication skills and to practice soft skills. Currently “Orell iTELL” digital language lab is installed in the lab which is server based and can be accessed over the intranet from any location in the college.

This language learning software can be used by 20 users. Digital Language Lab is useful to enrich a student’s language learning experiences. Further, this revolutionary language lab is equipped with audio recording facilities which help a great mode of evaluation and feedback. By this self-evaluation of the students' performance, they can identify the areas that need to be improved or changed.


The laboratories are spacious, well planned and equipped with sophisticated instruments to meet the requirements of students and teachers. Laboratories of Botany, Zoology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics and Microbiology are equipped with modern instruments.

Computer Lab

Computer labs are a critical resource that nearly everyone in the student body may utilize. Computer labs often include software that many students may not have on their personal computers due to cost or accessibility. The labs provide computing equipment, software and printers to support academic endeavors. The College has excellent Labs for Computer Science, Mathematics and Electronics oriented study. Computer lab is spacious and consisting of more than 40 systems.

Study Room

In the library building one study room is available for students. Study room is spacious & necessary furniture & facilities, drinking water, toilet etc. There is 5 Computers are available with internet connection for students use. Students can access Library LAN OPAC as well as WEB OPAC, National Digital Library Portal, E-PG Pathshala Portal, Indian Union Catalogue. Library Blog and N-LIST facility of INFLIBNET.


College has a well furnished auditorium; It has a seating capacity of 1000 audiences. The auditorium is used for activities such as seminars, guest lectures, cultural activities, important functions and meetings of students and faculties, department functions and other events.

The auditoriums are equipped with latest public addressing, LCD projectors and comfortable seats.

Psychology Lab

Psychology Laboratory is equipped with various psychology tests. These tests are helpful to measure the various psychological traits of an individual like: Creativity, Intelligence, Personality, Adjustment, Locus of control, Attitude, Study Habit, Stress management, Occupational stress, Self concept, Anxiety test.

Differentials Aptitude test (DAT)and equipment like Method of limits, Measurement of Span of Attention, Memory drum, Metonym, R.T. apparatus for measurement of R.T. , Transfer of training, Habit interference, Müller - Lyer apparatus etc.

Career Enhancement & Development Scheme

  • Competitive Examination Guidance
  • Career Counselling
  • Soft Skill Development
  • Language Lab
  • Bridge Courses
  • Yoga & Medidation
  • Personal Counseling

Open Air Theatre

The open air theatre is meant for organizing Cultural Programs, Annual Functions, Youth Festivals and other programs in which group gathering may be required. It is located on a place on the campus which is accessible for students perform all cultural and group activities in the colleges. The open air theatre has the capacity to accommodate around 2000 comfortably at a time. The facility of Open Air Theatre is utilized by the Institutes widely to meet their requirements for their functions.

C.C.T.V. System

College campus poses many unique challenges when it comes to security. A video surveillance system installed in order to keep watch over the diverse assortment of facilities that comprise a typical campus community. The entire college campus is covered by 20 Closed Circuit Television cameras (CCTV) for the safety of the students. Web based CCTV system is available at college campus.

Botanical Garden

As the college has Botany department, we have developed a garden of trees & plants necessary the study. Botanical garden is covered by green Polythene. In the Botanical garden, Different variety of plants are available for students study purpose.


College canteen is located at a easily accessible area to all departments. Variety of refreshments and meals available at the college canteen at affordable rates. Adequate seating facilities are provided to accommodate students and staff even during peak time. It tends to be the most popular place on campus.

Ladies Hostel

The institute has an exclusive ladies hostel located outside the college campus (Aurnal campus on Shendri-Gadhinglaj Road). It was started during the year 2012. A three storied building accommodates about 100 students.

Drinking Water

The Institute has installed a 24-hour drinking water connection with Purifier and cooler facility for students, faculties and staff. Every floor of college building has a separate water cooler and purifier facility.

Parking Lot

Parking is always an essential requirement of college because of the limited number of parking spaces available on campus. Students, faculty and staff park only in areas for which they have permits and in designated spaces.


There is a Gymnasium with Multi GYM of 6 stations and other weight lifting facilities. There is an indoor court for Carom, Chess and Table Tennis. There is an Outdoor Stadium with 400 m tracks for Athletics (and the same is being used for Cricket, Football and Hockey.) Volley ball Court are also available.

Maintenance Policy and Procedure

  • Complaint and Suggestion Box: Suggestion and complaint Box is put in the campus and students are asked to put their any suggestions/ complaint in written without their name. The box is opened every months and discipline committee, Gymkhana committee, Sexual Harassment and prohibition committee resolves the issues rose accordingly.
  • Visit of Technician and payment: Technician visits the site and assesses the maintenance required and completes the job. The report of the maintenance is prepared by the technician and signed by the concerned head. Bill is generated and processed through the concerned authorities and forwarded through Principal for final payment.
  • Monthly Maintenance Report: The yearly accounts of maintenance are reported to the President and management.
  • Annual Maintenance Contract: Annual Maintenance Contracts for computer related repairs and Maintenance, power backup systems, fire extinguishers and pest control for library are in place.

Gymkhana Facility

  • The gymkhana of our college is maintained as per the standards given by Department of Sports, Shivaji University Kolhapur.
  • All the facilities of gym are utilized as per student demands and needs.
  • The annual sports of our college are held at college ground, which utilized all facilities including ground and others.


  • Class wise laboratory schedules are followed as per time table and respective practical batches.
  • Procedures for handling various chemical, equipments and instruments to be strictly followed and the instructions are displayed in the respective laboratory.
  • Dead Stock Registers to be maintained and updated regularly.
  • Dead Stock verification and inspection to be carried out during the Internal Audit at the end of the Academic Year.
  • Obsolete equipment and instruments to be discarded by following the standard procedure.
  • Any discrepancy in stocks to be brought to the notice of the Principal.


  • New books are ordered as per requirements taken from respective heads of the departments and purchased through purchase committee 1. Student must procure a Library Card within one week of taking admission.
  • Library card can be used for issuing two books every week.
  • Non return of Library book on time shall be fined.
  • Students can access online journals and magazines in the e-Library.
  • Student must register attendance through scan of Identity card and sign in the register in e-Library.
  • Students can access the books available on the college intranet server from any computer terminal in the college campus.
  • Students can use the central reading rooms available in the campus from 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Computer Laboratory

  • Class wise computer laboratory schedules are followed as per time table
  • New requirements are processed through Department of Computer Science.
  • The department of Computer Science maintains all computers and peripherals.
  • Outdated computers are disposed through Step up computers, Gadhinglaj.

Class Rooms

  • Classrooms are allotted as per the student strength.
  • Lectures and practicals are regularly monitored.
  • Maintenance of each classroom is looked after by Principal.

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