Welcome to Our College

Dr. Ghali College is known for its name in the qualities of knowledge, punctuality, scholarships, many-fold awareness and grace in everything. It is not we, but the people say that it is the best college for the students coming from rural areas. Located in convenient, calm and peaceful area, the college has been the pride of the people. The communities living in rural and urban areas and the hill side villagers have made our college the first choice to educate their wads.

It is well developed ideal college no-doubt, but its progressive march is still rapid and unchecked. It is our specialty that the institute, the staff and the students have joined their hands to make the college still greater. It is recognized under the category of 2f and 12B on 21st January 1994 and 23rd March 2000 respectively by UGC.

The college celebrated its Silver Jubilee year during 2008-09. The college has maintained the standard of education in both conventional as well as modern courses. The college offers various courses like B.A., B.Com., B.Sc., B.B.A., M.A., M.Com and M.Phil. The college also offers some career oriented course, running distance study center.